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Originally Posted by ebay muppet
Am interested in the Crestron, you have turned down both my offers
swap for my new 4K action camera equivalent to Hero4 silver, with LCD, and WIFI etc and remote viewing 01332 XXXXXX Steve


Originally Posted by ebay muppet
The Crestron unit, can you give me a ring please as need to ask about its use as my solution ? need urgent response

My reply at 17:55
Hi, some very optimistic offers there :)

Sorry, I have no need for an action cam as I already have a go pro.
If you can go to �75 I'll accept.


Originally Posted by ebay muppet
Please make it � 70 ? as am retired hence my previous offers. Action camera is hardly what I needed as a present at my age :)

my reply at 19:03
Hi, thanks for the offer but �75 delivered is the lowest I will go.

At this point I'm off out, haven't changed the listing and have no phone signal so I missed everything until 10:30. Now he wasn't to know that but this is where it gets interesting.


Originally Posted by ebay muppet
OK, thanks will agree that, let me do last offer and you accep on the ad please


Originally Posted by ebay muppet
I just did �70 as said plus postage and it rejected, so am stuck now


Originally Posted by ebay muppet
I GIVE UP, I agreed to what you proposed, and its stopped me from moving forward, as I enter � 70 correctly and its stopped me from making any offers - I was accepting, but you didnt alter the system, and half an hour or more later and nothing from you to correct


Originally Posted by ebay muppet
Do you want to sell this or not ? as communications with you appear hopeless in last hour or so.

Have checked out the spec, and there are other similar products that meet my 4K needs, this model cant handle 4K, so its up to you if you cant be bothered to communicate. By morning I may be sorted. or will try an alternatives test with existing kit to my solution needs

I dont like being messed about, and withe advent of 4K you will never sell it otherwise. I dont mess about when I am willing, and seller isnt, just turns me off the person as not someone to do business with.

I cant do any more than send you this update as a reality check, and the silly predicament not of my making

My reply when I got back at 10:30:
I am sorry if I have a life outside of ebay. Unlike you I am not retired so don't have plenty of time on my hands to answer every single email within the hour. To be quite honest I think selling to you would be more hassle than it is worth. Your emails are rude and quite frankly quite strange. No one likes being messed around but you have to understand that most people do not sit glued to their computers, it would be a sad world if we all did. On the 4k issue, I think I'll take my chances. The only reality check needed here is your inability to be patient!

Have a nice day, hope you find a product that fits your 4k needs.


Originally Posted by ebay muppet
Nothing like , not bothering to amend your listing and leaving a buyer hi and dry. Am afraid its you who wants to take a deeper look at your own conduct, saying one thing and creating a bad situation by not following though with your stupid listing and amending it. I never did anything wrong, and you should have given me instructions that were precise and clear. Take a better look retrospectively, I have done nothing wrong , but wanted to address a HDMI problem hopefullt that that product would solve, and regardless of whether I was impatient or not, it was the height of ignorance to have left the situation like that, and sending repetitive emails. Wheres the courtesy in asking me to wait till you got back from the pub ?

You sound like you want to blame everyone else but yourself, and are just another one of those irresponsible young jerks who troll the internet and cant be bothered to have an alert system for emails on your dumb not so smart phone. Am a retired business person, but you sound more like the jerk than what you accuse me off.

NONE OF THIS IS MT FAULT !! and COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED HAD YOU BEEN JUST A LITTLE CONSIDERATE TO THE FRUSTRATIONS THAT YOU BROUGHT ABOUT BY NOT FOLLOWING THROUGH on the proposal. Am not going to hold my breath on any apology and correction of your ad and resolution as intended earlier. Think your ego wont allow you to do that , a pitiful trait in young people.

Am quite fussy as to the kind of person I deal with and give my money too, nothing rude about being totally frustrated and politely venting. The fact you didnt like that touched a raw nerve and created a further adverse attitude. Well done matey, surprised if you ever sell anything on ebay, as you simply do not know how to communicate with strangers, accept criticisms, or have the ability to apologise when told the truth. AM NOT A MIND READER !!!!, so live with the reactions you cause !!!

My reply.

I think my feedback alone says I'm not an ebay noob and have had successful sales in the past where people don't start getting the hump when I haven't replied within 5 minutes. You initially said "I give up" yet you continued on and started to spout some crap about 4k. If it's not what you are after then don't bid or contact the person selling. It's nice that you're a retired businessman, good for you, enjoy your retirement without getting into petty arguments on the internet.

Thanks for your time, now please stop wasting mine.


Originally Posted by ebay muppet
I told you it was an impulse buy and wasnt expecting it as a long term solution. Ideally would have wanted a 4K one, but Crestron dont make one yet. I would have bought but YOU are responsible for me not being able to follow through . I WAS NOT BEING NEGATIVE. but it was YOU who decided to get personal ,.......just for being told off with justification. My feed back is also good, but my experiences of dealing with you have proved nothing buth the opposite to your feedback so dont flatter yourself by excusing your pathetic conduct and jibes. You had the option of accepting the criticism and comments and apologise but decided to carry on with self generated actions that disguise your true conduct tonight.

YOU........were MY time waster BIG TIME !!!!!....carry on being dillusional, .......ACCEPT IT !!!! and the HUMILITY that goes with that, then I just " might " reconsider dealing with you as a changed man, my good deed for the evening LOL

You need a sale and blew it, wheras I have many options whether 4k or not LOL , what a loser

My reply
Lol, at no point did I get personal. I only said maybe selling to someone as unhinged as yourself wouldn't work out too well for me. I'm well within my rights to pick and choose who I sell to. More to the point I don't have to justify myself to anyone, let alone you. I've had to deal with a few keyboard warriors on ebay but none as rude and demanding as you, you truly have taken it to the next level.

If you don't like my conduct, move on to the next one like you said you was going to at 7:55pm. Here, I'm even giving you another option: Please bother them with your "I'm retired" sob story.

I'm not interested in working out any sort of deal with you now even at the full price. There is no way on this earth that I "might" reconsider. Oh dear, if it doesn't sell what will I do? I know, I'll relist it! �75 is hardly going to change my life.

Thanks for the life lesson oh wise one. I'll stay glued to my computer next time. As I said, if we were all like that the earth would be a very lonely place.

Now I'm off to bed, some of us have work tomorrow ;)

At this point I'm considering the conversation closed. This guy just doesn't give up.


Originally Posted by ebay muppet
I dont like these situations , but if you were man enough to apologise, then would continue reluctantly to conclude this tonight, but am not bothered either way or desperate for this solution, as am exploring different ones at this point after buying a faulty setup that has gone on 10 days, and want to nip it the bud before the end of the week - of course you too would not have know that, anymore than me knowing boozing was your real priority tonight. If you come back fine , if not then will move on to my other options and not lose sleep on this failed purchase.

My reply:
Move on, it's not happening.


Originally Posted by ebay muppet
Well the lesson you try to give was waste of your time and a good excercise in seeing human behaviour unfolding, exactly as expected,.....nothing surprises me about your poor response and failure to accept YOU was the cause of this failed sale. The Ebay offer system rejected your very own proposal, so how stupid is that as to your hand in all this A pathetic excuse as always in trying to deflect any blame. You should grow up fell and get a life. Now I have had this expected final response I can safely say stick your unit where the son doesnt shine. You are a real jerk if I ever saw one , and I dont need lecturing or alternative listings to buy elsewhere, as my other options do not require any outlay, and will probably achieve the end result all the same. You naively think I meant move on to the next seller on ebay LOL, how idiotic you are, when you have no idea as to the technical options I was referring to. All these units are way over priced regardless of yours being the cheapest and no one will buy them as they are too niche, and a little intelligent thought could soon work out alternative solutions at a fraction of the price .

What would change your life matay ? looking in the mirror and see what sort of person you are, inconsiderate, offensive, and arrogant with an ego to suit.

Now have a nice sleep playing with your rattle as you really are like a child, with an oversized jock strap LOL . Two can play this game of insults, you had your chance and you are a born loser, in business you see loads all the time :) you are a classic loser mate.

No need to send more emails , have seen it all now ....... a no hoper, and jerk

So in short, I didn't receive any emails until 10:30 and by the time I read them I was already thinking this guy is an impatient cock hence my smarmy reply about having a life. I guess I'm a loser, after all someone on the internet called me one. ]]>
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IP torrents Mon, 28 Mar 2024 15:11:15 GMT Sorry didn't know which section was best for this.

Used for a year or so on Sky BB, but now it's blocked.

Does anyone know of any alternatives? ]]>
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Help Anyone used ? Sun, 27 Mar 2024 19:05:15 GMT Hi guys,

I'm looking to buy a DJI Phantom 4 and shopping around I can get the P4 with extra battery and flight case + some filters for the same price as just a standard P4 from most other sellers �1250

Having a look around savvy like, it would seem they are not a UK company but based in the USA, so just wondering if anyone has any personal dealings good or bad before I flush �1200.

cheers ]]>
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i will pm if you can thanks. ]]>
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