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this is my first post...i have a mio moov 500 and it just stays on "mio " orange screen and wont connect to pc...looks dead to me
is there any way i can bring this back to life
what do i need to install and a how to would be great
thanks in advance..carderv

p.s. is it worth doing or should i just bin it ]]>
GPS / SatNav carderv
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GPS / SatNav fbr
XGODY 718 BLUETOOTH Wed, 09 Dec 2015 23:02:49 GMT Good evening gentlemen/ladies, a total beginner here.I have just bought an XGODY 718 Bluetooth,and i cant get it to find my S9-HD headset,it hooked up to my Nokia phone no problem,but each time i ask it to search it just come's up with the phone. Can anyone help me out please. Thank's. Mick. ]]> GPS / SatNav mick56