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I've been asked if i can recover files that have been deleted by Disk doctor on a Macbook air. No backups have been made.

I've got all the software for PC's but not had to do this on a mac ssd.

Do ssd's overwrite data in a different way to hdd's and is there any software that can do this like getdataback or fotorec?


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iOS 9.21 - 9.3 safari/mail bug Mon, 28 Mar 2024 16:41:30 GMT This is pissing me off now... I had this bug/crash when i updated to iOS 9.21 where safari was playing up. I did something (there's numerous ideas) and it stopped. Now today, a good week or so after upgrading to 9.3, it's fucked again.Clicking links doesn't work, long press will crash safari.Tried clearing cache, turning off Java and also changing search engine. The latter helps a bit...Web is full of moaning Apple users and no real fix. I'm sure there was one, but I can't remember.Anyone else got this shit?DJ OD ]]> A is for Apple DJ Overdose