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    music DJ Overdose - Hardcore Jungle Techno Chaos - February 2015

    This month saw me getting a delivery of some new vinyl. Yes vinyl, those 12 inch round black disks that are all but forgotten by most. Remembered by those who love to be able to hold their music, smell it and control it in a way the digital age has killed off.

    Some nice tracks from FX, by nice I mean really fucking moody. Which is what I like. DJ Jedi slung out a new release which is also I nice little roller. What to mix with this? Well in true DJ Overdose style I dug out some Luna C and Panacea of course. Forced them in there and made a mix that is dark, mad and quite a testament to what hardcore is about. The darker hardcore anyway.

    Shouts to all the Strictly Nu-Skool crew, Geezah, Nu-Rave radio listeners and my usual list of pals. Rick & Ginny, Gunnee & Laura, Monita & Monk, Dream FM Revival crew and all the producers still knocking out tracks.

    If you have any tracks you want me to hear, send them to

    Big up and enjoy da mix

    01 - DJ Monita - The Razors Edge (MS_Dos Re-work)
    02 - DJ Vibes - Music's So Wonderful (Remix)
    03 - FX - Kill Me
    04 - FX - The Devils Work
    05 - DJ Jedi - Earthbound
    06 - FX - Too Dark
    07 - Belladonnakillz - Kill Bella Donna (Panacea Remix)
    08 - FX - Amnesia
    09 - Abyss - The Butcher Of Bakersfield
    10 - Panacea - Winter Mute
    11 - DJ Jedi - Keep It Locked (Sy & Unknown Remix)
    12 - Luna C - My Angel
    13 - Abyss - Predator VIP
    14 - Luna C - End Of An Era Part 2
    15 - The Vampire - Old Skool Update (Drum & Bass Mix)
    16 - Luna C - Death Of A Psychopath


    DJ OD

    Thanks to DJ Overdose

    ibobsy (2 Days Ago) 

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