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    Default Tony Blackburn Sacked by the BBC

    I think Tony Hall director general of the BBC is a Cunt. Even though there is no evidence that Tony Blackburn has done anything wrong they have made him a scapegoat and terminated his contract. I hope he sues them and wins a record amount which will hopefully force Tony Hall out of the BBC for his controversial decision. (">

    The veteran DJ said he had been left with no choice but to sue and would not allow the corporation to destroy his reputation.

    Veteran radio DJ Tony Blackburn said he was planning to sue the BBC after he was reportedly sacked, days before the publication of a major report into sexual abuse at the corporation. The broadcaster issued a lengthy statement on the eve of publishing the report by former court of appeal judge, Dame Janet Smith, into the BBC’s culture and practices during the years Jimmy Savile worked there. The 73-year-old claimed he had been sacked because his evidence to Smith shows that a cover-up, of which he had no knowledge, had taken place. His sacking, he claimed, had been a decision taken, personally, by the BBC’s director general.

    Tony Blackburn: BBC presenter's career spans six decades.The BBC said that it was not commenting on reports that Blackburn had been sacked.

    Telling his followers on social media that he was “devastated,” the DJ published the statement on his Twitter account, where he referred to an allegation made in 1971 by the mother of a teenage girl who took her own life shortly after claiming she was assaulted by an unnamed BBC DJ.

    More here:

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    Default Re: Tony Blackburn Sacked by the BBC

    Tony Blackburn? Are you sure he's still alive?

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    Default Re: Tony Blackburn Sacked by the BBC

    I have to agree Hall is a spineless cunt.

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