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    Default Philips Hue GU10, in dimmable sockets

    In my living room I have 8 dimmable LEDs and a dimmer switch. I think the dimmer is a special type specific to LED GU10s, it reduces the brightness of the LEDs by dropping the frequency. It's a bit annoying, because on the lowest setting you can sense the flicker. I want to replace them with Philips Hue GU10s.

    I'm wondering what will happen if I put Philips Hue GU10s in the sockets - I can't see any information in the manuals. Will they work? Will the dimmer switch damage them?

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    Default Re: Philips Hue GU10, in dimmable sockets

    You'll need to replace the summer switch with a regular switch.

    Thanks to flipper321

    twigsta (2nd March 2024)  

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