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    Default Soakaway / Drainage for shed

    So, the wife wanted a shed for her birthday and it's up and painted. It's not big (8ft x 6ft) and I did plan to get a water butt for the run-off. Now it's been bought, it looks ugly as hell, so I'm looking for alternatives. The shed is on a patio and surrounded on 3 sides by garage and fence. There is grass immediately in front of it. Just wondering what to do with the water. Would a couple of small soakaways in the grass do the job or even just putting the water straight onto the grass? I'm in a sandy soil area.

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    Default Re: Soakaway / Drainage for shed

    you're draining effectively 48 sq ft, which isn't a lot, unless you're channelling the runoff through a gutter and a downpipe, in which case it's more focussed and may cause you a problem during heavy rain.
    Personally, I'd just allow the shed roof to drain by itself, especially in a sandy soil area
    Soakaways are ok, but you need it to be well away from a building and deep enough to drain the water through the substrate. I'm presuming you'd pipe from a gutter to the soakaway?.

    Best option: do nothing, wait for it to piss down and see what effect the shed has in terms of standing water etc bud

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