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5.1 audio delayed start (13)  • by gerryf on Apple DVD Studio Pro
6.0d trouble (12)  • by Ethan Anderson on Sony Vegas
Video Cyclone MSG Simulation presets available for download (8)  • by john dalton on Synthetik Studio Artist
What is a cheap Rotoscoping tool? (7)  • by rnd53 on Digital Video Editing
Using photoshop CS to make Win XP bootskins (7)  • by jigmeg on Adobe Photoshop
Regaining the Timeline Window (6)  • by budnash on Adobe Premiere Pro
slot machine effect (6)  • by pinkie on Adobe After Effects
Now that's HDV!! (6)  • by Allie on Sony Vegas
DVDSP next/previous button script (5)  • by dea on Apple DVD Studio Pro
QT7 OK for pros yet? (5)  • by Dave Johnson on Adobe After Effects
best QT streaming settings (5)  • by kentan on Apple QuickTime
Easy sepia tone? (5)  • by Bonnie B on Adobe Premiere Pro
PS and upward creeping RAM issue (3)  • by fulton on Adobe Photoshop
Duplicating open session DVD? (3)  • by Dan Roesch on DVD Creation
PAL dvd plays on cheap magnavox player... (3)  • by scottt on Apple Final Cut Pro
Book Review:
Learning ActionScript 2.0 for Macromedia Flash 8
Learning ActionScript 2.0 for Macromedia Flash 8 was written to help you not only learn the basics of ActionScripting but to also teach you some of the more advanced features that you can incorporate into your projects. Here’s a closer look at Learning ActionScript 2.0 for Macromedia Flash 8 from authors Jen deHaan, Peter deHaan and Macromedia Press. ...Read More »
Quick Tip:
After Effects Backgrounds
In After Effects, there are several effects that will help you to edit simple shapes into more complex images. Here is a procedure to create a spline that looks like a frosty or "icey" shape. ...Read More »
Business Issues:
Business Blogs…Are We Flogging a Dying Horse?
More than a few well-respected public relations practitioners have proclaimed that web logs provide a fast track means for professionals to talk directly to their audiences and bypass the media altogether. Some have been quoted as proclaiming that working with journalists and members of the press – radio, TV, print and the web – will soon become passe because they can get their messages out without the news media filters. Are they right? ...Read More »
Kingston Technology's Mark Leathem on USB drive security
Company introduces first USB flash drive with 128-bit AES Encryption

The USB flash drive, those little storage devices that blazed their way onto the computer storage scene in the Summer of 2001 have changed the way people store and move digital data. The devices are wildly popular and have reached such a critical mass that you can find them for sale at your local drug store. ...Read More »
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