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Avid Announces Interplay Workflow System, Media Composer 2.5
At NAB 2006 in Las Vegas, Avid announced Interplay, a product the company called the world's first nonlinear workflow engine for managing assets, workflow and security. Avid also announced an upgrade to its Media Composer line, now version 2.5. In addition, the company will also offer a Mac version of the hardware-accelerated Media Composer Adrenaline system as well as an update to its Mojo hardware, giving it SDI input and output capability. ...Read More »
Featured News:
HD for All
It seems to be an off year for many who offer tools and equipment for broadcast professionals, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t doing big important things. Take Sony for instance. They really had no new technology to unveil at NAB, but they did have plenty to share. The theme for the year is “HD for All” and throughout their hour plus press conference, where no one was allowed to ask questions, Alec Shapiro walked the audience through all the venues and events Sony HD products were being put to use. ...Read More »
Benchmarks: Windows XP on the MacBook Pro, Part 2
In all of our benchmark tests of the MacBook Pro so far, this little laptop has proved superior in performance to midrange desktop systems. It's even proved superior in some ways to high-end workstations running both Mac OS X and Windows XP. This time around, we take a look at 3D applications running under Windows XP on the MacBook. The results, while not quite as dramatic as those involving Adobe software, are, nevertheless, impressive. ...Read More »
Converting Hair to a polygonal structure in C4D

MAXON'S CINEMA 4D allows users to add a module called HAIR, integrating custom hair control to 3D projects. However, sometimes users may want to export the HAIR geometry to non-HAIR users. The process, although easy, isn't necessarily obvious. Here's how... ...Read More »
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04/23/06 HD for All
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